LinkedIn's Potential for Outbound Leads: A Guide
May 2, 2024

LinkedIn's Potential for Outbound Leads: A Guide

We might be biassed here, but we believe LinkedIn to be the perfect sales channel for B2B companies. It offers a unique environment with better engagement rates than traditional cold emailing. The platform's personal touch, absence of spam filters, and direct access to decision-makers make it an attractive channel for outreach. However, it's not without its challenges. LinkedIn's stringent regulations, including fluctuating limits on connection requests and potential account restrictions, can make navigating its waters tricky.

A big part of our experience with using LinkedIn for B2B sales has been set to diligently research strategies that can safely increase users' connection request limits. From understanding the significance of your LinkedIn account's age to leveraging LinkedIn's Social Selling Index (SSI), we've got you covered with actionable insights.

Navigating Your LinkedIn Account

Your LinkedIn account is your passport to successful outreach, but it comes with its set of rules. A new account might signal spammy behaviour to LinkedIn, especially if it's engaging in mass outreach. Hence, it's advisable to start slow, particularly if your account is less than 6-7 months old. If you have a new account and your connections are low, focus on connecting with people you already know, like former colleagues and industry peers.

An older account doesn't automatically put you in the clear, though. LinkedIn evaluates your activities through the lens of the SSI, which reflects the trustworthiness of your account based on your level of engagement on the platform, as well as your connection rate. An SSI above 65 generally means you're less likely to face restrictions, but if you're below this threshold, it's essential to have a high connection rate, preventing any red flags raised for your LinkedIn account.

Enhancing Your LinkedIn Outreach

The essence of successful LinkedIn outreach lies in personalization and relevance. Finding the right people is the first step, and tools like Sales Navigator can be invaluable here.

Personalization is your next key move. Tailoring your message to the recipient dramatically increases the likelihood of acceptance. Engaging with potential connections before reaching out, such as by liking their posts or visiting their profiles, can also warm them up to your subsequent request. Not only will this enhance your likelihood of connecting with them, but it also gives LinkedIn a basis for assessing your activity to be more human-like.

Tools and Techniques for Smarter Outreach

Consider investing in a LinkedIn premium account or tools like Sales Navigator to extend your reach and capabilities on the platform. Premium users generally enjoy higher limits on connection requests and other benefits that facilitate more personalised and effective outreach. This of course doesn’t mean that you need a LinkedIn Premium subscription to do efficient outreach, but it does improve your chances of experiencing success.

Building a Sustainable Outreach Strategy

Start your outreach journey cautiously, gradually increasing the volume of your connection requests. This not only prevents triggering LinkedIn's spam filters but also helps in building a consistent and trustworthy presence on the platform. Regularly updating your profile to reflect your current outreach focus can also make your connection requests more relevant and appealing to potential leads.

Tying Everything Together In a Streamlined Manner

Navigating the complexities of reaching out effectively, especially at scale, can be challenging. To optimise outreach efforts, automation tools are a game-changing solution. The key lies in selecting the right tool. By having an automated tool set up correctly for your profile, you are able to mimic human-like actions and minimise detection risks on platforms like LinkedIn. For those aiming for exceptional connection rates and precise targeting, this approach can reclaim up to 16 hours weekly. This balance between quantity and quality guarantees your outreach remains productive, effective, and consistently precise.