About Us

At LeadCap, we're passionate about empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn for lead generation and sales.
Not only do we generate additional sales, we also cut down on time spent on LinkedIn.

The Story Behind How Our Company Started.

From humble beginnings to a thriving company serving businesses across multiple industries.

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Present Success

Today, LeadCap serves clients from various industries, with a dedicated team of LinkedIn experts working full-time to help B2B businesses achieve more sales.

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Growth and Evolution

Initially, our journey was chaotic, but as LeadCap gained traction, we shifted to a structured approach. After several months of trial and error, we finally grew confident enough to fully dedicate our time to build our platform.

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Platform Development

Realizing the limitations of manual work, we transitioned to software optimization, which eventually evolved into LeadCap - a scalable and systemic solution for LinkedIn outreach.

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Initial clients

As business owners sought our employers lead generation methods, we began showcasing our LinkedIn strategies. This led to our first clients and the inception of LeadCap.

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Where it started

Working full-time at a tech startup, the three of us focused on various sales tasks, such as optimizing our LinkedIn accounts to generate sales.

Meet the Founders.

With a shared vision and expertise in LinkedIn outreach, we're driving innovation in lead generation.

Co-Founder & CEO

Victor Saul

Co-Founder & CSO

David Ivø

Co-Founder & COO

Albert Ahrenkiel

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