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This call is for B2B businesses looking to increase the number of sales calls each month. We will discuss your current stage, your goals, and how LeadCap might be able to assist you in reaching those goals.

Powerful Features to Help You Close Sales Faster.

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Warming leads up

Our unique warming
lead strategy ensures the
highest conversion rates.

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Automatic requests

Connect effortlessly up to 50+
quality leads, surpassing
the daily LinkedIn limit.

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Auto withdraw requests

No more harming your profile
with excessive pending connection requests..

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Performance insights

Receive easily shareable monthly
insights with exact figures,
to hold up against your KPIs.

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Auto follow-ups

No more wasting time
following-up, now it's automated
and custom to your likings.

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Tags feature

Easily take over the sales process tracking the stages of your leads
to ensure  smooth conversations.

Close More Deals, Faster.


More effective

LeadCap makes it possible to exceed the connection request limit by 300%.

100k +

Decision maker reached

We have likely already been in contact with your ideal prospect. Next time, let’s do it together.


Saved per week

LeadCap averages 16 hours worth of work every week, per account. That’s two full workdays, without lunch, of course.

5+ appts.

Every week

LeadCap provides customers, on average, with 5 meetings from relevant warm leads every week, completely hands-off.

Start Selling More with Less Effort